Anita Brett

There is a warmth to Anita Brett, the artist that envelops her work.   At Eggleston Gallery, we have to concede that our love of Nature can dominate our vision.  As we obsess on our latest water-fowl (or whatever) we sometimes lose focus of our neighbors.   But every once in a while we find an artist who reminds us of our humanity.  Anita Brett is just such an artist.   There is a depth of kindness in her portraits that can only come from love of the people she paints.   That love and familiarity invaded our emotions from the first time we saw her work.

Looking at Anita's work, we are moved to see the best in people.   We are moved to know them...or at least to want to.   It feels good.  And in today's world that is all too rare of an experience.   That is why we are giving over our stage to this wonderful local artist, and her beautiful voice.   She will be on exhibit through the end of October, please come by and see if you aren't moved like we were.