Here is one for you.

Salvador Dali admired and was friends with Walt Disney.    An exhibit exploring the relationship between their work just finished at the Disney Family Museum in the Presidio, San Francisco.    The Exhibit is called Architects of the Imagination and is on exhibit now through June 12th at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL.

It's an amazing way to approach Dali, with the open-minded wonder of a child watching Fantasia.

For many, Dali can be very challenging.  The images are often crisp and vivid, simultaneously familiar and unreal.    Experiencing Dali can be like having a dream that you just can't shake.   Some people don't like that.   And some people don't like Dali because of that.

And Yet....there are moments throughout Disney's work that are very, very much the same.  There are moments when Disney's imagination demands equal time with reality.   The blending of the two can be fantastic.    But it can also be an affront to the senses.   

It's an interesting exercise, to study Disney films as surrealist art.   It can be a helpful gateway to a better understanding of the movement.   Conversely, it's also fascinating to come at Disney through Dali.   Or do what we did, start in the middle with Destino.   This animated short was a collaboration of Dali and Disney/Disney studios that started in 1946 but went unfinished for 57 years until artists at Disney brought it to life in 2003.